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Why I'm Running for School Board

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Meet & Greet with Amy Solares for School Board and Elaine Fekete for Virginia Beach City Council
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Why I’m Running

I am running for the Virginia Beach School Board. I never thought I’d be in this position but here I am.

It started with COVID.  When it was clear our children were not affected by the virus, the Virginia Beach City Public School administration and leadership kept our schools closed even though private schools and schools in other cities and countries kept their doors open and even though data proved schools could remain open. 

Our children’s education suffered, our children’s mental health suffered and parents were viewed as nothing more than a constant annoyance.

I started speaking at school board meetings along with so many other concerned parents and community members.  We were met with indifference and derision. 

I saw the infiltration of policies which seemed to take away the quality education Virginia Beach City Public Schools once had. 

I realized someone had to stand up and fight for our children and parents and the community as a whole to bring back this quality education.

I am running for the Virginia Beach School Board to help refocus our children’s education on the skills they will need to navigate the world that awaits them and to bring parents and the community back into the schools because it’s been proven time and again that parental and community involvement only leads to more success of students and schools.


Senator Bill DeSteph

“I am proud to support Amy Solares for School Board in District 2.  A Virginia Beach native and mother of two VBCPS students, Amy knows what parents want in their child’s education and understands the issues in our school system.  She will work hard to strengthen security and discipline in the classroom, support our teachers, and return Valedictorian and Salutatorian to our schools.  Amy will champion Parental Rights, High Quality Education and Accountability.  I am certain her experience in business, as a mother, and as a volunteer coach will serve our students, teachers, and families well. Please vote for Amy Solares on November 8.” – Senator Bill DeSteph

Middle Resolution PAC

“Amy represents the kind of School Board candidate that every district should aspire to have as their elected member. Amy grew up in Virginia Beach and has one child in Virginia Beach Schools and one who just graduated. She is a local business owner and holds a Juris Doctor degree.

Amy is a passionate volunteer in her community. She spends many hours a week volunteering at the animal care and adoption center run by the Va Beach Police Department and served for many years as a coach for Girls on the Run.

Amy’s strong positions on parental rights, transparency and accountability and restoring excellence to Virginia Beach Schools make her a solid candidate. Amy has demonstrated to Middle Resolution her resolve to win by being a relentless grassroots campaigner. On any given day, voters in her district see her knocking doors and attending community events. She values and respects the views of her future constituents and has pledged to be a voice for them when elected. In Amy’s public appearances, she continues to impress us with her ability to articulate the issues and offer solutions that will drive important policy changes in the Virginia Beach school division when she is elected.

Middle Resolution PAC is pleased to offer our strongest endorsement of Amy Solares, candidate for School Board in the 2nd District of Virginia Beach.”